Taken by Edward Bloor



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Taken by Edward Bloor

Charity wakes up groggy, tired, and confused.  The last memory she had was being taken to a hospital.  Her face still felt flush with a fever, and she was weak and tired.  Charity soon realized she is not at a hospital, and these men were not doctors.

Charity’s greatest fear has become a reality – she’s been kidnapped. 

In 2036, the children of the wealthy are frequent targets for kidnappers.  Even with the top notch security in her Highlands community, the constant supervision surrounding her and monitoring her every movement, the guards and security systems meant to protect her, Charity has still become a target.  She’s just a means to an end - a ticket being used by kidnappers to cash in ransom money.

Charity hopes and prays her father can be reached, and he is willing to follow the kidnapper’s demands and instructions. If her father acts quickly, Charity will not be harmed.  Despite how hard her father tries to save her, the plan fails.

When one of the kidnapper’s identity is revealed, Charity feels shocked and betrayed.  She knows there are no guarantees, and she must now be willing to act in order to save herself– be prepared to fight and to flee.  What Charity does not realize is that being kidnapped will actually save her in the end. 

Losing the life she has now and leaving others behind is the only way she will ever experience true freedom and happiness.

Exciting, and totally unexpected – right up until the satisfying conclusion.