3.5 Stars - Fast-paced story that keeps you hooked

Most teens are used to living life in the fast lane.  Living life on the run, however, is completely different. 

When Alex's father is brutally murdered right before his eyes, Alex is asked to testify against the man that took his father's life away - the same vicious man who had also shot and left Alex for dead.

Although the man is jailed for his crime, he has powerful connections outside the prison walls.  Alex and his mother are forced to abandon the world they have always known.  They assume new identities, move to another state, and learn to become untraceable under the Witness Protection program. 

Despite their fear, Alex and his mother are able to move on with their lives.  They must learn to change themselves frequently - their looks, personality, speech, and even their home.  Alex knows he can never really become close friends with anyone - he could slip and reveal his identity, or  even worse, endanger the lives of his friends.

When they move again, this time to Virginia Beach, Alex assumes the identity of a skater.  To his surprise, he begins to really get used to this new life.  He even makes real friends - ones he feels he can actually trust.  Maybe, just maybe, he can stop being fake.  Alex would finally have a life he called his own.

That is, until the killer arrived.