Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


5 stars - Incredible book, page-turner, exciting!!!  Can't wait  for the sequel and movie release!

Suzanne Collins has done it again!  Just like the Underworld Chronicles, she has written a riveting new series that YA and adult readers will find irresistible. 

Katniss is the spunky, admirable main character in this futuristic novel.   The story takes place in Panem.  The capitol of Panem with its 12 outlying districts "celebrate" a gruesome annual event that's viewed by everyone - the Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games seem like a virtual reality video game - except the horrors are experienced in real life by the children who live in Panem.

Each year two children's names are drawn from each district to participate in the Hunger Games.  The group must compete and fight in order to determine the winner.  The only way to win this game is to stay alive - and to destroy all others before they destroy you.  When Katniss's little sister's name is drawn from this year's participants, she quickly volunteers to take her place.  Katniss knows she is poorer and weaker than the other participants, but she has skills they lack:  determination, survival instincts, superior hunting skills, and a fierce need to save her family from their current plight of starvation and misery.

Though the odds are against her, Katniss emerges as a strong competitor - and a crowd favorite.  The greatest threat to survival is not the life-threatening starvation and dehydration she faces, nor the blood-thirsty, cruel children from other districts.  Katniss must contend with her feelings for another competitor, Peeta.  Peeta seems to care for her and protect her, but isn't it all an act?  Will he betray her in the end?  How can she destroy the only love she has ever known? 

There will only be one winner, but this victory will come at a great cost.

Amazing story, readers will be hooked