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Some would say 15 year old June lived a privileged life.  Though her parents had passed away, she and her brother Metias had done well for themselves.  They were both selected as members of the Republic's prestigious military faction.  Though June frequently got in trouble for being rebellious at her exclusive, private school, it was often overlooked - she was gifted, a prodigy, and her invaluable gifts destined June for great success and wealth. 

When her brother Metias is suddenly killed, however,  June finds herself alone and frightened for the first time in her life.  Her best friend, the one she could count on, and her only family was suddenly ripped away from her.  There was only one person to blame - the vigilante outcast named Day. Day had ruthlessly murdered her brother.  Before, June had found this dissenter's antics slightly amusing.  Angry and in shock, June makes it her personal mission to hunt Day, find him, and see that justice was served for Day's crime.  The Republic agreed.  June has permission to disguise herself and to track Day until she can find and capture him.

Ironically, it is Day that finds June.  June, while hunting Day,  becomes seriously injured in a fight with one of the locals.   Imagine June's shock when it is Day, her arch enemy, who saves her life.  Suddenly, June finds herself very close to Day, spending time with him while she reuperated from her injuries.  June finds herself learning about Day as a man -  his habits and his thoughts and begins fighting her growing attraction to him. 

Instead of being elated that she has captured the man who took away her brother, June finds herself captured by Day.  Though Metias's death must be avenged, June begins to wonder if Day was actually capable of murdering another person.  What if the Republic was wrong?  

June finds herself asking questions.  The Republic doesn't like to be questioned.  If June doesn't turn over the man she has begun falling in love with soon, she will be the one hunted, captured, and executed.