3.5 Stars  

      Early dismissal!  You could practically hear the cheers and high fives as the announcement blared over Tattawa Regional High School's intercom.  The winter storm wasn't going away, and the snow was falling quickly.  Despite that, sophomores Scotty, Pete, and Jason decide to stick around for a little while and work on the go-kart Jason had been building in the school's shop. 

Jason's dad would be there soon to pick them up, and he did have a four-wheel drive truck, after all....

At the time, the 3 friends didn't realize the winter storm was actually a blizzard - the worse blizzard ever to hit the United States.

The boys, along with four other high school students, found themselves stranded. Luckily one adult, Coach Gossell, did still remain in the building.

The remaining group began to feel hopeful when they saw lights - what appeared to be emergency lights - flashing beyond the school parking lot.  Coach Gossell decided to weather the storm and let the emergency workers know they were still there - stranded inside the high school. 

All of them quickly realized how serious the situation had become.  Coach Gossell began slowly walking, battling the wind and the snow, before suddenly sinking waist deep.  When he fought to move forward, Coach disappeared from their sight altogether - never to return to the school.

Now they only had each other.  The beautiful, popular girl and her best friend, the intimidating school bully, the goth freak, and the jocks.  The conditions will only worsen as they are left without water and heat....and the school roof begins to collapse.  Will anyone ever come for them?  Do they have what it takes to continue the fight for survival?

Trapped keeps the reader in suspense and is brief enough to hold the attention of even the most reluctant readers.  I only wish the author had developed the story more because I wasn't ready for it to end!