4 Stars

What was he thinking?  Did Quince actually think he could trick her into kissing him, and she'd just fall madly in love with him based on his kissing performance?  Seriously?  Sure...he was an annoying, killer-bod kinda way.... Quince, though, drove Lily mad.  He did everything possible to get under her fins.  Quince knew her true love was Brody.  Now thanks to that one unsuspecting kiss, everything was ruined.  Lily was bonded to Quince for life.

  Now she had to tell him the truth - the truth about being half-human and half-mermaid.  Lily's only hope was to leave the land and return to her underwater home, Thalassinia.  Lily's father ruled their underwater paradise, and only he could perform the separation ritual to free Lily and Quince. 

Despite her family and friend's affection for Quince, Lily is finally able to convince her father that it's Brody, not Quince, who Lily is destined to be with.    Finally they are separated...and Brody even asks Lily out!  Things could not be more perfect for this fish out of water....why, then, can Lily not stop thinking about Quince?

Very sweet love story about a mermaid teen girl and a human teen boy falling in love.  The charming descriptions of Thalassinia make the underwater palatial city seem real to the reader.  The epilogue promises more excitement and conflict to come in the sequel,  Fins Are Forever.