The Compound

 The Compound  by SA Bodeen

4 stars -  Unique story - suspenseful! Imagine a nuclear war has been launched - it's the end of the world. You and your family are the lone survivors.    Your twin brother and Grandma, however, didn't make it.  They weren't able to escape in time.  They had to be left behind.You, though, are one of the lucky ones.  Your father is a billionaire.  He's planned ahead.  You have a hidden underground compound built in anticipation of a nuclear war - prepared to block out all radiation, sustain life, and supplied with all of life's necessities and more.  The hidden underground compound contains all the luxuries you could ever want - right down to a plasma HDTV. Dad has bought toys for each of your birthdays.  One for every year - to be presented at each of your birthday parties.  Life, for you, only exists in the compound - until the world is safe to re-enter. Eli never questioned his father when he opened the compound doors.  For six years, Eli grieved the loss of his twin brother, struggled with boredom and oppression, and wondered if life would ever really resume for his family.   Imagine his surprise when he finds out the world is already safe.  Has been safe.  His brother didn't die - he escaped.  The real danger Eli faces is not nuclear war or destruction.  The real danger is in between the steel walls of the locked compound.  Eli's father is determined to never let them go, no matter what.  Can Eli escape this underground prison?