4 Stars - 4redstars


Benson thought he had finally hit the jackpot.  Now was his chance to leave his latest foster home and actually stay in one place long enough to make friends.  He would be the popular football quarterback and finally find a great girlfriend.  The world seemed nearly perfect since Benson had learned he was the recipient of a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Maxfield Academy.  The campus was beautiful.  Instead of cafeteria meals, students chose entrees that rivaled five star restaurants.  Physical education included paint ball wars.  The hot redhead Jane already seemed to like him.

What first seemed like the perfect dream to Benson, however, quickly turned into a nightmare.  Where are the teachers?  The adults?

Students must always wear monitoring devices.  Once there, students can never leave. There are no adults to punish the students who break the rules - it's the other students who dole out the punishments.  Students teach the classes, cook all the meals, clean the facilities, and run the entire school.  Students also make sure everyone follows their rules or else they will pay.

Detention doesn't mean staying after school.  Detention means death.  Benson knew he must do the impossible - gain the students' trust, prepare an escape plan, and stay alive.