Schooled by Gordon Korman




   5-stars.jpg     Five Stars

Ever met a true hippy?  One that's only thirteen-years-old?  Capricorn Anderson lives in a commune, has been raised by his hippy grandmother all of his life, is a vegetarian, wears tie-dyed clothing, has long hair, has never even seen a television, much less watch one, and has been homeschooled his entire life.  Can you imagine what happens when his grandmother is sent to a physical rehab center to rehabilitate from a serious injury and Cap is forced to live with a foster family and face the "real" world?  The middle school he has to now attend has a time-honored tradition - elect the school loser as class president in order to torture him throughout the year with outrageous requests and unreasonable demands.  Cap should have been the perfect target.

Cap's classmates fail to realize he is not the average kid.  Despite his goofiness and non-stop blunders, you can't help but like Cap.  Before long, he becomes the most popular kid in school!  Though the ending of this story is a little rushed, I couldn't help but laugh throughout.  This novel is one of my favorites.

If you like Alabama Moon by Watt Key, give this title a try.