4 Stars– A Goose-Bumpy, Spine-Tingling, Ghost Story that will leave you guessing until the end 

The Crossroads reminds me of an old, country, backroad.  The novel can, at times, have strange twists.  Many characters seem different and out-of-place.  The plot twists and turns will leave the reader wondering what else lies ahead.  The book can be downright scary – especially when you realize that some of the characters are not just mean people – but evil spirits consumed with the desire for revenge. Zack is ready for a new beginning.  He’s never really belonged – even in his own home.  Zack’s mother always resented his presence and never made her son feel loved or wanted.  When his mother passed away and Zack’s father remarries, his life begins to change for the better.  A new home, new town, new start. Then Zack and Judy notice something about the locals.  They look and talk funny – like old pictures and commercials from decades ago. 

 And then there’s the tree in Zack’s backyard -  the old oak tree with the white cross nailed into the truck.  The tree seemed to have a life of its own – almost human, seething with anger and hatred.   Despite some of the weirdness, Zack thought it was great to be living in his dad’s childhood hometown.  Until the evil spirits around them become stronger.  They won’t stop until they seek revenge.    Zack may be innocent, but his dead grandfather wasn’t.  It’s time for someone to pay. 

Reading All Stars Program

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