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Science Rocks!  Creating Conceptual Knowledge with Animoto

 Everything you need to use Animoto in the Science classroom with ANY unit or science topic!  For 6th-12th grade Science

Searching for ideas on how to implement Common Core literacy into your Science curriculum? 

Common Core State Standards require literacy teaching not only for English language arts (ELA) but also in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.
Science Rocks! Creating Conceptual Knowledge with Animoto Videos is an exciting, technology-based, hands on project that provides your students with opportunities to acquire literacy learning skills - while also reinforcing the Science concepts they need to learn. 

I am including a link to my 58 page bundle of teacher and student resources, handouts, printables, and activities include detailed, step-by-step instructions and screenshots on creating a video using the online program Animoto, how to information on registering for a free Educator’s account with Animoto and how to set up your student accounts, Student Username and Password Account slips template, daily teacher’s pacing guide with specific instructions and resources included to teach the unit with no additional purchases, information and links for Animoto smartphone apps for schools who have implemented BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Science Rocks!  also includes the following editable student templates: Create a Music Video based on a Science Topic project description and criteria handout, Rate that Movie! student slips and classroom activity, Animoto Science Image and Keyword Planning handouts, Science Concept Map Planning Template, Animoto Video Analysis worksheets, Creating a Video Based on a Science Topic Grading Rubric, and more!
Science Rocks! Creating Conceptual Knowledge with Animoto Music Videos also includes online access to two digital resources essential to creating student videos:
Link to 50+ sample Student Science Videos created using Animoto to use for examples and motivation and Symbaloo Science Images Webmix of 52+ Copyright Free Science Image, Pics, and Graphics websites.

 Check out my bundle of resources for the Science Teacher using Animoto in the classroom @ the following link:

Science Rocks!  Creating Conceptual Knowledge in the Science Classroom Using Animoto


Below are some examples of Science-related educational videos using Animoto:

Lab Safety









Physical Phases of Matter

Physical Changes Matter


Geology and Fossils


Niels Bohr





Water Cycle

Earth's Changing Surface

Tectonic Fault

Global Warming

Natural Disasters


Ecosystems and Biomes

Water Cycle

Biomes of the World




Body Systems

Muscular System

Human Body Systems

Digestive System

Human Body:  Levels of Organization




3.5 Stars smallpurplestarsmallpurplestarsmallpurplestar

Lucy has spent her entire life keeping secrets.  Growing up, she never could have friends over.  If only her mom were normal, and their house wasn't so disgusting and so out-of-control.  Now that Lucy is becoming more popular at school, and she has a hot guy interested in her for the first time, she knows she won't be able to keep hiding her lifestyle from her friends much longer.  Her mom was a hoarder.  She kept buying more and more junk, letting everything pile up - while important bills were left unpaid.  Living without her mom might just be Lucy's solution....right?  When tragedy strikes, Lucy finds herself in the position of covering everything up - including her mother's sudden death....

ImageImageImage   3.5 Stars

Auggie knew he was different.  Born with severe facial deformities, he was used to the stares, the pointing, and the looks of horror and disgust from others.  At least Auggie had the love, support, and protection of his family. 

Now things are changing.  Auggie will be attending a public school for the first time.  For the most part, the students at Beecher Prep treat Auggie like an outcast and a freak.  Can Auggie show his classmates that he is a regular kid just like them?  Or should he just give up on ever having a "normal" life?

ImageImageImage  3.5 Stars

Trouble-maker, prankster Donovan Curtis only wanted to pull a cool prank. He never meant to destroy the school's treasured statue.  Now the Superintendent is determined to find the perpetrator! Donovan knows he needs to disappear quickly.

By freak accident, that is exactly what Donovan manages to do. Due to a computer error, Donovan's name is included amongst the students who have been tested and are eligible to attend the prestigious Academy of Scholastic Distinction.  Despite Donovan making below average grades, he finds himself attending classes with the brightest students in the state and taking accelerated courses with a difficulty level way above Donovan's capabilities.  A school for nerds!  How will Donovan - the world's biggest goof - manage to fool everyone into thinking he is actually gifted?

To Donovan's surprise, though his reason for being at the Academy was to avoid getting busted by the school district Superintendent, he finds himself actually wanting to be there.  The nerdy kids weren't too bad.  Robotics class was cool and that Chloe chick was geeky chic and cute.  Being at the Academy wasn't so bad after all...until the teachers being to question how Donovan EVER qualified to attend their gifted school.  Will Donovan be able to convince everyone this is where he now belongs?

4 Stars - 4redstars


Benson thought he had finally hit the jackpot.  Now was his chance to leave his latest foster home and actually stay in one place long enough to make friends.  He would be the popular football quarterback and finally find a great girlfriend.  The world seemed nearly perfect since Benson had learned he was the recipient of a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Maxfield Academy.  The campus was beautiful.  Instead of cafeteria meals, students chose entrees that rivaled five star restaurants.  Physical education included paint ball wars.  The hot redhead Jane already seemed to like him.

What first seemed like the perfect dream to Benson, however, quickly turned into a nightmare.  Where are the teachers?  The adults?

Students must always wear monitoring devices.  Once there, students can never leave. There are no adults to punish the students who break the rules - it's the other students who dole out the punishments.  Students teach the classes, cook all the meals, clean the facilities, and run the entire school.  Students also make sure everyone follows their rules or else they will pay.

Detention doesn't mean staying after school.  Detention means death.  Benson knew he must do the impossible - gain the students' trust, prepare an escape plan, and stay alive.


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