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Animoto Science Videos

Animoto Videos on Science Topics, Units, and Concepts

Science Rocks!  Creating Conceptual Knowledge with Animoto

 Everything you need to use Animoto in the Science classroom with ANY unit or science topic!  For 6th-12th grade Science

Searching for ideas on how to implement Common Core literacy into your Science curriculum? 

Common Core State Standards require literacy teaching not only for English language arts (ELA) but also in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.
Science Rocks! Creating Conceptual Knowledge with Animoto Videos is an exciting, technology-based, hands on project that provides your students with opportunities to acquire literacy learning skills - while also reinforcing the Science concepts they need to learn. 

I am including a link to my 58 page bundle of teacher and student resources, handouts, printables, and activities include detailed, step-by-step instructions and screenshots on creating a video using the online program Animoto, how to information on registering for a free Educator’s account with Animoto and how to set up your student accounts, Student Username and Password Account slips template, daily teacher’s pacing guide with specific instructions and resources included to teach the unit with no additional purchases, information and links for Animoto smartphone apps for schools who have implemented BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Science Rocks!  also includes the following editable student templates: Create a Music Video based on a Science Topic project description and criteria handout, Rate that Movie! student slips and classroom activity, Animoto Science Image and Keyword Planning handouts, Science Concept Map Planning Template, Animoto Video Analysis worksheets, Creating a Video Based on a Science Topic Grading Rubric, and more!
Science Rocks! Creating Conceptual Knowledge with Animoto Music Videos also includes online access to two digital resources essential to creating student videos:
Link to 50+ sample Student Science Videos created using Animoto to use for examples and motivation and Symbaloo Science Images Webmix of 52+ Copyright Free Science Image, Pics, and Graphics websites.

 Check out my bundle of resources for the Science Teacher using Animoto in the classroom @ the following link:

Science Rocks!  Creating Conceptual Knowledge in the Science Classroom Using Animoto


Below are some examples of Science-related educational videos using Animoto:

Lab Safety


Helium http://animoto.com/play/CXoQQ08NOvmJ7zhwjXgN2g
Aluminum http://animoto.com/play/wVT9zVhTu117eY3zG7ohwA
oxygen http://animoto.com/play/KUnlEjacSGM8reCjDPP5IQ
iridium http://animoto.com/play/n30fymyPAcqJQQFVZpK6Ng
Magnesium http://animoto.com/play/xgeSjKJDW8nGQc89TdEzDQ
Gold http://animoto.com/play/5w0op7BeqNYAb0ueqH73gw
Selenium http://animoto.com/play/W2e3Zvmmc54kVSqW6QFh1w
Neon http://animoto.com/play/l9PxpzNLYFuMmnMEEl18kA
Titanium http://animoto.com/play/3YtRPSnzoId2O5kWb3IJbA
Hydrogen http://animoto.com/play/26hf3lxrUJB1V89IMWvckQ
Neon http://animoto.com/play/2I8zBGjItOUq14RMwm7WLA
tungsten http://animoto.com/play/W42l0mfBWOh4IAvJOZ0CYw
Helium http://animoto.com/play/ryrlF30PzHWeMT5Ft63IyQ
Tungsten http://animoto.com/play/LcrFtFAZ501PXtngD7VAvw
Silicon http://animoto.com/play/k0ORsgKiVentJkSWE1y7Cg
Hydrogen http://animoto.com/play/ieJVZ82C8Qlx6krAORCvjA#
Carbon http://animoto.com/play/zCqecreS3qbEBfqdl73tPA
Aluminum http://animoto.com/play/nTUDBjb7P0ITA7IiGRfqtw
Oxygen http://animoto.com/play/d79LweB0pIi01BWSMigpCQ
Praseodymium http://animoto.com/play/q8GCOpYwOlC70siknyJGGg
Ununpentium http://animoto.com/play/Oiv1LRiO35c17SSnVUKVcg
Cesium http://animoto.com/play/veCcTPLCBX5585tC9GmIvg
Gold http://animoto.com/play/0ndP4y5cVWzBnAohD6LW0A
Xenon http://animoto.com/play/Bmnh1PZn9GhmzQWmhzt1TA
Sodium http://animoto.com/play/pGcQlKZEAdOamk8L0Fyd4Q
Oxygen http://animoto.com/play/tQRuIOm9ZiC3tAnRc6kYIw
lithium http://animoto.com/play/Yrz9klQrOVn1vdlQziP7gw
Ununpentium http://animoto.com/play/tPuktxfCP1FMT15BWnZhdg
sodium http://animoto.com/play/6dqO5J0Tf5kOzMjeEsioug
GOLD http://animoto.com/play/hfbxR9w6rVvzBRiZjuvNVg
Nitrogen http://animoto.com/play/SbtkAD5EeHV2SliBE1pgkw
Neon http://animoto.com/play/Xyd1tFc9ho0wIJ18TmqefA
Oxygen http://animoto.com/play/T0ts8FWcKQ4ieb6LmjHnHw
Gold http://animoto.com/play/8vN5YipQsjboBApsYXA9iQ
helium http://animoto.com/play/GUyQBxPmQVbbpMZp4jwMYg







Physical Phases of Matter

Physical Changes Matter


Geology and Fossils


Niels Bohr





Water Cycle

Earth's Changing Surface

Tectonic Fault

Global Warming

Natural Disasters


Ecosystems and Biomes

Water Cycle

Biomes of the World




Body Systems

Muscular System

Human Body Systems

Digestive System

Human Body:  Levels of Organization