Ungifted by Gordon Korman


ImageImageImage  3.5 Stars

Trouble-maker, prankster Donovan Curtis only wanted to pull a cool prank. He never meant to destroy the school's treasured statue.  Now the Superintendent is determined to find the perpetrator! Donovan knows he needs to disappear quickly.

By freak accident, that is exactly what Donovan manages to do. Due to a computer error, Donovan's name is included amongst the students who have been tested and are eligible to attend the prestigious Academy of Scholastic Distinction.  Despite Donovan making below average grades, he finds himself attending classes with the brightest students in the state and taking accelerated courses with a difficulty level way above Donovan's capabilities.  A school for nerds!  How will Donovan - the world's biggest goof - manage to fool everyone into thinking he is actually gifted?

To Donovan's surprise, though his reason for being at the Academy was to avoid getting busted by the school district Superintendent, he finds himself actually wanting to be there.  The nerdy kids weren't too bad.  Robotics class was cool and that Chloe chick was geeky chic and cute.  Being at the Academy wasn't so bad after all...until the teachers being to question how Donovan EVER qualified to attend their gifted school.  Will Donovan be able to convince everyone this is where he now belongs?