Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale





   smallgreenstar.gifsmallgreenstar.gifsmallgreenstar.gifsmallgreenstar.gifsmallgreenstar.gif    Five Stars   

Not your Mama's Rapunzel!

 I admit it.  I've never read a graphic novel.  The pictures in most make my eyes cross.  I like simple uncluttered lines of text. This graphic novel, however, may make me a fan of the genre.  Rapunzel's Revenge would never captivate readers if not for the amazing artwork.  In this spin on the traditional Rapunzel fairy tale, Rapunzel refuses to be the helpless beauty in the woods - waiting to be rescued by her prince.

As a young girl, Rapunzel began having strange dreams.  She dreamed of an unknown woman frequently.  The woman was kind, affectionate, and loving to Rapunzel - everything her own mother was not.  Rapunzel knew she should be grateful for the beautiful castle she lived in and fine clothing she wore.  Rapunzel, though, was miserable.  Her life was empty and lonely.  She was always isolated from other people, never allowed to explore beyond the castle walls.  Despite her separation, Rapunzel soon learned from her own observations that Mother Gothel was a cruel, cold woman - a witch with magic powers she used to dominate others. 

When Rapunzel finally manages to sneak away and meets the woman in her childhood dreams, she and the woman realize they are actually daughter and child.  Mother Gothel had ripped Rapunzel away from her mother at a young age, and her real mother had been grieving ever since. 

When Rapunzel confronts Mother Gothel, she finds herself in an even more miserable situation - she's locked away for years - deep in a tower in the woods.  Here, Rapunzel realizes she has to take a stand for herself, her real mother, and all the townspeople Mother Gothel has abused. 

Part fairy tale, western, romance, and comedy, Rapunzel's Revenge is a wild ride you'll never forget!  I couldn't put this book down.  Rapunzel is one of the greatest heroines you'll ever meet.  The expressive sketches in this graphic novel make the story come alive, with humor written within the graphics themselves.  Loved it!