Savvy by Ingrid Law

Five Stars!

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Imagine having extraordinary powers - powers to literally move mountains or cause floods.  Imagine carrying electric currents throughout your body - enough to ignite fires, set off alarms, cause light bulbs to explode.  Your magical powers may be strong, dangerous, or fierce - or it may be something harmless that makes your life better - like the gift of always being perfect, doing things the right way, and never having to work hard for your success.  Mibs and her family have these powers - or as they call it, their "savvy."  When they turned 13 years old, their savvy was revealed to them on their birthdays.  Mibs and her siblings then had to learn to keep their family secret hidden from everyone and had to attempt to live as normally as possible while keeping their savvy under control.

Mibs was excited and nervous on her 13th birthday.  Today, she would finally learn what her savvy was. 

Rather than the day becoming a celebration, however, Mibs life began to spin out of control.  A horrible car accident has left Mibs Poppa in a coma.  Mibs mother and older brother have to travel out of state to be by his bedside while her father is fighting for his life. 

Mibs knows in her heart that her father needs her.  Though she doesn't know what her savvy is yet, she's convinced she has the ability to bring her father back from the coma - to save his life.

The adventure begins when Mibs hides on a bus headed to her father's hospital.   She never expected this bus ride journey would reveal her real savvy, connect her with a friend that accepted her the way she was, and bring her closer to her siblings.  Mibs even finds herself falling in love for the first time.

In the end, Mibs not only saves her father, she learns to accept and be happy with herself, her own savvy, and the family she loves. 

Looooovvvvvveeeddddd this book!  Fast-paced and interesting, feel-good story