Waiting for Normal





Waiting for Normal  by Leslie Connor

     4.5 Stars

Addie was used to chaos – or as Mommers like to call it, constant change.  Things were good for a while.  Mommers married Dwight.  Then the twins came along, Brynna and Katie.  For awhile, they were like a real family.   Then Mommers acted out again.  She started lying, spending all the money, ignoring us all.   Even a great dad like Keith has his limits.

He took the twins away when Mommers took off and left us alone for three days.  Keith was the closest thing I ever had to a real dad – losing him hurt the most. Addie tried to be optimistic. Keith promised to bring the twins over to see her as often as he could.  She thought the new trailer Dwight bought for her and Mommers was cute.  And Elliot and Soula from the minimart were supernice and fun, even though Mommers made fun of them. 

Addie knew Mommers loved her, but she didn’t act like other parents.  Mommers slept all day, never cooked, played on her computer all the time and watched goofy TV shows, like Jeanette for the Judgment, when she was actually at home.

Mommers always seemed to have a hard time holding things together.   Addie had a hard time focusing on the good when Mommers started disappearing again.  She was staying gone for days at a time, and Addie’s food kept running out.  Addie didn’t want a nicer house, new clothes, or popularity at school. 

She just wants what she’s never had - a life that’s normal.