Happy Kid! by Gail Gauthier


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Happy Kid! By Gail Gauthier

Could things get any worse??  Kyle suddenly found himself placed in advanced Language Arts and Social Studies classes.  Now he had to spend hours doing homework just to scrape by, and he was stuck eating lunch with the dorky A-list kids. He never had time to hang out with his friend Luke anymore.  And to top it off, Luke had already found Kyle’s replacement.

Kyle didn’t think he would ever be able to shake the bus incident.  Kids still stared at him like he was an ax murderer, and the troublemakers had even started a Kyle fan club.

It was just a screwdriver for pete’s sake.

Kyle had made the screwdriver at school.  It just happened to fall out of his backpack on the bus, right when the bus driver was looking in the rearview mirror.  Kyle didn't mean anything by grabbing the handle and holding the screwdriver upright.  According to the driver. Kyle was waving around a weapon.  A Weapon??

Kyle didn't mean to freak the driver out.  Next thing you know, 911...What's Your Emergency?

No biggie.  Even though Kyle had to sit in the police car until his dad showed up, everything did eventually get cleared up in the end.

So why won’t people move beyond it?

Kyle’s mom is tired of him moping around so she makes an offer he can’t refuse.  Kyle will get paid for every chapter he reads of this cheesy self-help book – as if that would make a difference in his life or make him "happier."

To Kyle’s surprise, it actually does.

Though his life overall still stinks, Kyle begins to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Great story - lots of laughs.  If you liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid, try Happy Kid!