The Juvie Three by Korman

   Five Stars

The Juvie Three  by Gordon Korman


  • Accessory to a robbery

  • Breaking and entering

  • Grand theft

  • Manslaughter 

Three juvenile delinquents:  troublemakers, incapable of ever rehabilitating, dangerous.

Gecko, Arjay, and Terrence were convicted of committing crimes and now are serving time as punishment.  Lives ruined – freedom taken away.

Their luck suddenly changes, though, when the three teens are selected for a new program.  Douglas Healey offers to supervise the boys as they all live together in a halfway house, attend school while keeping up their grades, attend counseling, and stay out of trouble.   Each boy knew what this meant – a reduced sentence, much more freedom, and a second chance.  Gecko begins to think that this will actually work out – that is, until the fight breaks out. 

Why did Doug try to break up the fight?  It was an accident.  He never should have gotten in the way. 

Now, he’s lying in a hospital.  He’s in a coma and may never wake up. Gecko, Arjay, and Terrence are frantic – convinced they’re headed back to juvy hall and prison.  The only way they have a chance to avoid being sent back is to pretend nothing is wrong.   Eventually Mr. Healey will wake from his coma, and they’ll explain what happened.  Keep calm and stay out of trouble.   That can’t be too hard, right? 

 Not until…Gecko falls in love with a beautiful rich girl whose uncle happens to be cop.  Arjay joins a rock band and begins playing in the hottest city clubs.  Terrence thought he wanted to join the toughest gang in the city.  When he changes his mind, they are ready to even the score.  The price?  Terrence’s life. 

Yup.  This is going to be harder than they thought.

You’ll find yourself rooting for the juvie three. This book will keep you reading and wanting more.  I was sad when the book ended – though the ending couldn’t be more perfect.

Highly recommended