Poison Apples


red-star.jpgred-star.jpg red-star.jpg3.5 Stars

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer 


Aside from attending the same ritzy, prestigious boarding school, Alice, Reena, and Molly seem to have nothing in common.  Reena is beautiful, spoiled, and arrogant.  Alice is quiet, intelligent, and sophisticated.  Molly is hopelessly nerdy with frizzy hair and big eyeglasses.

We all know that appearances, though, can be deceivingAll three girls are shocked to learn that they share one common factor:  wicked, evil stepmothers have taken over their families and homes.  Each ninth grader is dealing with much more than the typical problems with boys, having trouble fitting into a new school, or experiencing difficulty completing class assignments.

Though their situations seem impossible to change, Reena, Alice, and Molly decide to take fate into their own hands.  Suddenly, they unite and form a group called The Poison Apples.  Their primary purpose is revenge.  Together they can fight back and stop the evil stepmothers of the world!