The Boy Who Dared

The Boy Who Dared by Susan Bartoletti

  3.5 Stars


His life was a lie.  He said the right things.  Made his family proud.  Loudly declared his loyalty, his patriotism, his pride.  All alone, he swallowed the truth.  Until he could no longer live the lie. 

At first, Helmuth Hubener believed Hitler was Germany’s savior.  He became a prestigious member of Hitler’s youth and outwardly praised Hitler for protecting Germany from the Communists.  Once appointed Chancellor, though, Hitler did not keep his promises. 

He promised peace – but gave them never-ending war.  He promised them power – but took away their basic rights and freedom.  He promised them prosperity – but required great personal sacrifice. 

At first, Helmuth rebelled by listening to banned radio programs.  Here he began learning the truth.  The atrocities inflicted by Hitler – the lies he had fed the German people.  Helmuth knew he had to make others aware of the real Adolf Hitler and the threat he posed to everyone, Germany included.  He couldn’t remain silent anymore. 

Helmuth knew the great risk involved when he began printing and distributing pamphlets that spoke against the Nazi regime.  Despite the risk and sacrifice, Helmuth had to speak and take a stand for those too afraid.


This fictional account is based on actual events.  Helmuth Hubener, sixteen years old, was captured, tortured, and executed for treason.  Until the final moments of his life, Helmuth never regretted his actions.

He believed it was his obligation to tell the truth and take a stand against Hitler’s inhumanity – even if he must pay with his own life.