Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

4 Stars - Life lessons unfold through a mysterious plot

 It was the perfect summer vacation plan.  A cross-country bike ride with your best friend.  A great adventure before having the face the real world, college, major responsibilities.  It started out as a joke, but Chris decided he really wanted the experience.

Chris and Winn had a lot in common.  Both enjoyed biking.  Both felt like they didn't fit in at school.  Both were restless, wanting adventure.  As close as they were as friends, Chris could sense the distance growing between them.  He was tired of Win's nonstop pranks that made everyone else angry.  Chris also felt uneasy about Winn's father.  He was controlling, seemed to have power over everyone else, and just acted plain weird. 

Despite this, Chris wanted to give their friendship one last shot.  He never imagined it might be the last time he would see Winn again...or that Winn would disappear, leaving Chris and his family behind. 

Chris tries to move on with his life.  He begins college and meets a beautiful girl.  The FBI, though, wants answers.  They think Chris knows more about Winn's disappearance than he's telling.  They won't let up until they find out the full story of that summer.  The bike ride that changed both Chris and Winn's lives forever.