The Truth about Truman School

The Truth about Truman School  by Dori Butler

3.5 Stars 


Zebby was tired of her teachers telling everyone to take a stand...just not on EVERYTHING.  Don't ever speak negatively about their school, the teachers that worked there, other students who caused problems, how life's not fair.

Zebby decides it's time that everyone had a chance to hear and tell the real story - what life was really like as a student attending Truman Middle School.

When Zebby and her best friend Amr started their own online site, they thought they would get the chance to actually have a voice, expose injustices, and express their opinions about any topic.  To their amazement, the online site becomes hot!  It gets hundreds of daily hits.  All of the popular students at Truman Middle know about it.  Some even post their own articles, letters, and links.

Someone, though, has an agenda.  Revenge.  It's time to show everyone just how easy it is to take down a popular student.  Make her an outcast.  Ruin her life.  No matter how long it takes, he will get even with her.  He will destroy her life.  Just like she ruined his.