Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini by Sid Fleischman


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Fascinating information, includes great pictures of Houdini, his family, and several of his magic tricks being performed 


Everyone has heard about Harry Houdini.  What you may not know is how he became legendary in the world of magic. In this book, the author does not reveal Harry’s magic secrets.  Sid Fleischman, a well-known author and himself a magician, would never break the magician honor code.  The author does give the reader a whole new view of the man behind the legend.  During his lifetime, Harry basically recreated himself - where he was from, his heritage, and even changed his own birth name. 

He builds a wildly successful career despite very poor, humble beginnings.  Harry always believed that the show must go on - and he shows this iron-clad will and determination literally until he takes his dying breath.  Harry wanted more than the ability to entertain the world.  He wanted to ensure his name would be kept immortal in the world of magic. The book chronicles Harry’s life, his love for his wife, Bess, and his talent for inventing (or sometimes “borrowing”) innovative and daring magic escapes.  The photos highlight amazing feats and also demonstrate that the great Houdini was a pretty extraordinary man - one whom was not without flaws, however.

Readers will enjoy this book, and may even develop their own interest in magic as a result.