If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period

4.5 stars -  fourstars1.jpg


by Gennifer Choldenko

This fast-paced, funny book will hold the reader's interest from start to end. 

Kirsten hates her life.  Her best friend Rory is suddenly popular and hangs out with the beautiful, but mean, Brianna.  Kirsten knows she will never be popular - she's overweight and feels like an outcast.  Her mom and dad are always fighting now.  It seems like nothing will ever get better for her.

Suddenly there's a new student named Walk who transfers to Kirsten's school. 

Kirsten's life is about to become much more interesting.  

She discovers who her true friends are - and finds out the shocking secret her parents have been keeping - one that brings Kirsten closer to Walk than she ever could have imagined.