Bully ‘Zine


Stop Bullying Magazine  

Helpful Hints

-         Tell someone.

-         Stand up for yourself.

-         Stay in a crowd if you are scared.

-         Don’t start a fight.

-         Tell your friends.

-         Tell the bully you are tired of it!

Dos and Do Nots for Parents:

Don’t ignore your children if they say they are getting bullied.

Be involved in school.

Know who your children’s friends are.

Ask them about school everyday.

Be alert if they are acting different.


Advice Column 

  • Don’t bully someone it may cause them to bully back.

  • If you are bullied tell an adult immediately.

  • Stay with a group of friends.

  • If someone else is being bullied help them.

  • Try to tell the bully to stop and why without using violence.

Top Ten Things Bullies Do 

Start a fight

Take money      

Make fun of people       

Pick on kids       

Tease people       

Disrespectful to teachers       

Low grades       

Lower people’s self esteem        

Mental abuse       

Physical abuse      

Letter to the Editor:  

Dear Editor,

      Our class really enjoyed this book. It showed us how people are affected by bullying and how they can solve the problem without fighting. We see how people can stand up for themselves and end bullying. It was great. Thanks.

Mrs. Mathis Tap Group