Stand Up! Stop Bullying!

We are so pleased with the success of our new Tiger Advisory Group Program “Stand Up!  Stop Bullying!”  Here are a few comments made by students after completing their reading of The Revealers:

Post reading – Students’ Reactions/Thoughts:                                                      

I think this book has taught me a lot about the affects of bullying. Many people don’t realize how it can affect people’s lives, such as the bullied kids can get physically sick before they go to school because they are so scared to go to school. Also many kids could commit suicide. In fact it has happened so much in the U.S. that it’s called bullyside. These are only some of the affects bullying can have on people.

This book has taught me so much about bullying. It made me realize how much it has happened here at school and everywhere. Not only is it taunting its physical bullying and online. Most people end up getting killed by going home and committing suicide or seriously injured.  Most people bully because they have a low self esteem and want to make themselves feel better. Bullying can be over many things. This is a serious problem that does need to be dealt with.

I learned many things from the book. I learned that bullying can lead to really dangerous things. Bullying can lead to death, broken bones, and suicide. But what people really don’t know is that bullying can affect the people who are doing the bullying. They could be suspended from school, put in jail, and many other things. This is a few things that I have learned from Revealers.

I did not know that bullies get picked on too. Also I did not know that bullies can cause suicide. People do not know how other people feel and how much it can hurt.

This book was an excellent book. It makes you realize what can happen at your school. It shows people how kids feel when you bully them. It also shows you how to resolve problems about bullying. I am so glad I read this book. It helped me to make sure I never bully anyone. This book shows me different ways kids bully. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

This book shows students how people effected from bullying stand up for themselves. It also shows how bullying can effect kids. It is not right and we should stand up for ourselves and others. The book gave us a great example of everyday problems.

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