This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis


3.5 stars  - greenstar.gifgreenstar.gifgreenstar.gif 1/2

- Not my favorite, but will appeal to many readers

 This is What I Did has been highly recommended in several professional journals.  To me, this book was a bit of a disappointment for several reasons.  One may be because it has bullying as one of the main topics.  I understand why it's important that writers include stories of bullying - it certainly has become a central issue in today's world - even in cyberland.  We all know about true stories of terrible tragedy occurring as a result of bullying in schools, on MySpace, Facebook, etc.  That being said, it seems that young adult authors, however, frequently jump on a hot topic bandwagon - this novel being no exception.  To be fair, the book is about more than a young boy being harassed...

Logan was always a bit of an outcast at school and even within his own family.  Things began to look up when he met Zyler.  Though Zyler and Logan come from two very different backgrounds, they hit it off from the start.  Logan quickly learned not to ask Zyler too many questions about his background, particularly regarding his drunken, mostly absent father.  Logan overlooked the bruises on Zyler's face and never questioned his stories of how he had broken his arm or his collarbone.  As much as Logan tried to not get involved, he soon found himself in the center of controversy...

Upset over a fight at his own home, Logan sneaks out of his house to go over to his Zyler's.  What he sees in Zyler's window, at first, angers him.  Cami, his crush, is sitting on Zyler's bed.  They are talking about him, laughing over Logan's hang up calls to Cami's home.  Then they are kissing.  KISSING.  His best friend and the girl he loves!!  Logan, disgusted, turns to leave when he hears a door slam.  Zyler's father storms into his bedroom in a violent, drunken rage with an evil glint in his eyes.  What Logan sees next he will never get over - he will never forget.

In the end, Logan feels he is the one who betrays his best friend - and he betrays himself.

This novel will hook most of its readers.  You will want to know - what did Logan see?  What happened?  Why did Logan's family have to move to a different town.  Be prepared for the shocking answers AND the unanswered questions at the end.