Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

soul-surfer.jpg   or_star_42.gif1/2  Great autobiography - inspirational story

Bethany had it all:  she was the all-American beautiful blonde teen who lived in sunny Hawaii.  To top it off, she was gaining recognition and awards for her surfing skills.  Bethany even had companies willing to pay her to sponsor their products. 

Everything in Bethany's life changes when she was 13 years old.  Bethany goes to the beach with her family and her best friend.  While surfing the waves, Bethany suddenly feels a tug and sharp pain.  She has been attacked by a shark!  Bethany looks down and sees her arm is missing.

Against all odds, Bethany survives the attack, but her arm is lost forever.  Despite the horrific accident, Bethany is determined she will surf again. 

     You will be greatly inspired by Bethany Hamilton's strength, positive attitude, faith in God, and perservance.  The book also includes several pages of color photographs of Bethany's friends and family; readers will consider her a friend by the end of her story.