Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith

cryptid-hunters.jpg   star5.gifstar5.gifstar5.gifstar5.gifstar5.gif Thought I was going to hate this book - but found myself actually, totally loving it!  No down-time at all in this nonstop action/adventure, mystery.

 When I first saw the cover of Roland Smith's Cryptid Hunters, I must admit I was not very enthused about reading this book.  The front cover has pictures of two prehistoric creatures.  Hmmmm....a dinosaur book?  Yes, prehistoric creatures are a subject of this novel - but it has so much more to offer and the information about cryptids (mysterious creatures whose existence has never been scientifically proven) is actually very interesting.

When twin siblings Marty and Grace find out their parents are missing and presumed dead, they find their world radically changing overnight.  Sent from their private boarding school to live with an uncle named Wolfe, whom they never even knew existed, the twins soon found themselves surrounded by multiple mysteries.  Why didn't their parents ever tell them about Wolfe?  Why does Wolfe get so nervous around Grace?  The house has very high tech security, and the twins are told to never leave Uncle Wolfe's compound unattended.  Will they ever learn Wolfe's secrets?

When Uncle Wolfe plans to go on a dangerous trip to the Congo to deter his arch enemy, Dr. Blackwood, from poaching cryptids, the twins are supposed to go back to their boarding school until he returns.  Due to a freak accident, Marty and Grace find themselves stranded in the Congo as well - fighting for their survival.  Contestants on the show Survivor have never faced such wild, dangerous elements as these 13-year-olds do. 

While waiting on her uncle to find them, Grace is surprised that she knows her way around the island, and all of her surroundings seem vaguely familiar.  She will soon learn that her past, and everything she thought she knew about her parents is not true.

You will be shocked when you learn all the secrets that this book holds!  Give this book a try - you won't be able to put it down!