Hitch by Jeanette Ingold

hitch.jpg red-star.jpgred-star.jpgred-star.jpg 1/2  Provides historical information about the Civilian Conservation Corps established by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression.  Readers will want Moss to be successful and persevere (they won't be disappointed).

Moss Trawley had big plans - leaving his home, attending college, becoming a radio broadcaster,  and marrying his girl, Beatty.  During the Great Depression, however, even the best-laid plans go awry.  When Moss is laid-off from his job, he has to postpone all his goals for the future.  Right now he is concerned with his family's survival.  Moss knows he must locate his father, though he had deserted Moss and his family years ago.  They now need his father's financial support to survive.

     Moss does locate his father, but is disappointed to learn that his dad is a bumbling alcoholic who cares nothing about Moss or his mother.  Moss knows he must now become the man of the family.

Desperate for money, Moss signs up for the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Moss earns much more than free meals during his experience.  He learns true friendship, loyalty,  and leadership skills.  Moss finally learns to stand up for himself - no matter the cost.  He truly has become a man.