Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach

  shakespearessecret.jpg  or_star_4.gif  Mystery, humor, suspense, and surprises until the very end.  Very enjoyable book

In Shakespeare's Secret, there's a great mystery that needs to be solved - the mystery of the missing diamond - a diamond once believed to be owned by British royalty - and, to make it even more interesting, it happens to be worth at least a million dollars!

The main character of this book, Hero, cannot believe her family has moved again, and now she has to start another new school.  It was hard enough for people to accept the name "Hero."  Having a sister who was very beautiful and popular no matter where they lived did not help Hero much either.  Soon Hero's life takes a dramatic turn.  She thought her old neighbor Miriam was nice - a tad boring, though, and not to mention OLD.  Suddenly Hero finds out that Miriam has many exciting stories to share, such as the story of the diamond necklace that was stolen and possibly hidden by the previous owner of Hero's new house.

Suddenly Hero finds herself trying to solve the mystery of the hidden diamond with only a short written clue left to guide her.  She doesn't have to solve this mystery alone, though.  Danny Cordova, the most popular, hot guy in 8th grade joins Hero on the hunt.  Together they find a prize that means more than a diamond ever could.

This book captured my attention from beginning to end!