The Safe-Keeper’s Secret by Sharon Shinn

 safekeepers.gif   or_star_41.gif  Wonderful, magical story

Can you keep a secret?  Even if the secret is dangerous?  What if you had to keep secrets as part of your profession?  Fiona’s mother, Damiana is employed as a safe-keeper.  People travel far and wide to her home in order to unleash their burdens by telling Damiana their innermost thoughts and secrets.  Damiana, in turn, must keep their secrets safe.  Even when a mysterious stranger dressed as royalty appears in the middle of the night bringing a newborn baby and tells Damiana she must raise this child as her own, she does not reveal to anyone that the baby has been abandoned nor tells who the parents of the baby are – not even to her daughter, Fiona.

Fiona accepts her life, as unusual as it may seem to others.  She knows her mother must dedicate her life to listening to others’ secrets.  She also does not question who her father really is or where her brother really came from on that dark mysterious night.  All she knows is that she too will one day be a Safe-Keeper, guardian of secrets.  What Fiona does not know is that her mother has quite a few secrets of her own – secrets that will change the course of Fiona’s life forever.

This book (book one of a new series) combines mystery, love, magic, and fantasy to create a charming tale that will leave readers guessing up to the very end.