The Liberation of Gabriel King by K.L. Going

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Important lessons of tolerance, compassion, loyalty, and true friendship

My Greatest Fears:

1.  Fifth Grade

2.  Duke Evans

3. Frankie Carmen

 Gabriel King did not want to graduate.  He didn't want to go to 5th grade.  Why bother?  Attend 5th grade just to be beaten up by Frankie and Duke every day?  Gabriel's best friend Frita is determined to help Gabriel conquer all his fears.  She gets him to make a list of all his fears, and the unstoppable Fritaeven comes up with a few herself!  Each day, Gabriel finds the courage to overcome one of his greatest fears.  Soon Gabriel and Frita find that both of their greatest fears are not even included on their lists - fears they must both face with determination and strength.  Gabriel and Frita find the bravery within themselves  - even when confronted with racism, threatened violence, and deep hatred.  Would you be willing to risk everything in order to save your best friend?  Read The Liberation of Gabriel King to find out what tests their friendship, and the fear they both face  - one that will change the rest of their lives.