Friday, July 27, 2012

The Night She Disappeared by April Henry

 4.5 Stars

"It should have been me...."  

Gabie never knew Kayla very well.  She was just a girl she worked with at Pete's Pizza - a pretty popular girl who seemed to have everything going for her - until the night she disappeared.  He asked for Gabie to make the pizza delivery.  Gabie, though, had the night off.  Kayla had taken her place.  When Kayla left work to deliver the pizza to the unknown address, she never comes back.  They find her car abandoned, the pizza box inside, and traces of Kayla's blood.

Kayla's family was desperate for answers.  They hired a psychic for answers.  The psychic tells the family Kayla was brutally attacked and is no longer alive.  Gabie knew better.

She sees Kayla calling out to her - asking for her help.  Gabie knew she was still alive, and had she worked that night, Gabie would be the one missing - not Kayla.  The tragedy has drawn Gabie closer to her co-worker Drew.  Together, they are determined to find Kayla and to rescue her.   

 The tragedy has drawn Gabie closer to her co-worker Drew. Together, they are determined to find the madman and rescue Kayla - no matter what danger they could face themselves.

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