Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey knew he was different.  He was always teased and made fun of for his small size and the way he blinked his eyes when he was nervous.  Michael had Tourettes Syndrome.  That wasn't the only thing that set him apart, though.  Michael also had special powers - a unusual but powerful gift that he had to keep hidden from others.  

Michael tries to keep his power a secret until he finally breaks and just can't stand the abuse anymore.  After yet another beating by Jake and Wade, the school bullies, Michael unleashes a powerful electric shock at his tormentors.  Leaving them stunned and helpless as they lie on the ground in the front of their high school, Michael's hands release strong electrical currents throughout their bodies like a tazer.  Michael knew they would never bother him or beat him up again.

Michael wasn't alone with this happened.  Taylor, the impossibly beautiful and popular high school cheerleader, sees what happens.  Suddenly she wants to be Michael's friend.  She, too, has a secret.  

Both Taylor and Michael have secret powers which set them apart from the other teens.  Together, they soon discover that they are part of an elite group of 17.  Seventeen teens who have unique abilities which give them the power to both save and destroy.  

Tayor and Michael are being hunted.  Someone knows about their talents.  He won't stop until he captures them so he can ruthlessly use the electric teens in order to gain control - control of the 17 "Glows" and control of the entire world.

Nonstop action and excitement in this new series!