Somebody Everyone Listens To by Suzanne Supple

4.5 Stars

Retta Lee Jones knew she couldn't stay in Starling.   She was a small town girl with big dreams.  Just like all the famous country stars who made it big before her, Retta knew she had what it took to be a singing sensation.  Leaving her best friend Brenda and her secret crush Bobby behind would be tough, but Retta was determined to live in Nashville and become a country signing legend.  

After high school graduation, Retta borrows her great-aunt's car along with the money she had saved working all year, $500, and leaves her family and small town behind.  Music City isn't kind to, Retta, though.  She gets mugged and beat up soon after arriving and finds herself homeless without any money or real friends there for support.  

Retta's luck finally takes a turn when she finds a job and begins getting recognition for her singing talent.  When Retta's Daddy calls her, though, to tell her that her mother has left him, Retta must make a choice.  Should she move back home to help her family and to be with the people she loved and trusted - or keep fighting to fulfill her dreams?