Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

4 Stars

      Foster McFee had big dreams.  She loved to cook, and she just knew one day she was destined to have her own baking show on the Food Network - just like her cooking idol, Sonny Kroll.  Foster had been whipping up her own delicious creations since she was four years old and got an Easy Bake oven of her own.  If only her dad were still alive, life could be pretty perfect for Foster and her mom Rayka.  He'd support Foster's dreams and also help her mama become a country music singing sensation.

      Life wasn't perfect, though, and Foster’s dad was never coming home.  Mama's boyfriend Huck demanded that she call him Elvis. The King wanted everything his way but didn't treat either Foster or her mother like queens.  When Huck's angry outburst left Rayka with another black eye, she packed up their car with a few of their belongings and decided it was time for she and Foster to start a new life.

      They drove and drove until the car broke down in the tiny town of Culpepper  - the town which was to be Foster and Rayka’s new home.  Everyone here seemed to be a little different, have their own stories, and unfulfilled dreams of their own.  It wasn’t Hollywood and it wasn’t Nashville, but Rayka and Foster fit right in.  Suddenly the impossible seemed possible, and Foster was as happy as she was when her Daddy was still alive….that is, until Elvis showed up…..