Starters by Lissa Price

5 Stars - Loved this book!

Callie knew she had to find a way to make money quickly. The only ones left alive after the Spore Wars were people aged younger than 20 and older than 60 years old.   Callie's little brother Tyler needed medical care.  She, her brother, and her friend Michael were homeless, poor, and left alone with no family.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Callie decides to become a renter for Prime Destinations.  For three relatively brief "rentals," a Starter like Callie could provide a youthful, beautiful, healthy body for one of the Elders.  Once the rental period was up, Callie would once again inhabit her own body - left with enough money to secure a new life and a fresh start for Callie's small family.  It was only temporary, safe, and her body and mind would be left fully restored once the Elder was done renting her.  At least that was the promise made by Prime Destinations.

When the implanted microchip malfunctions, Callie wakes up unexpectedly and assumes the life of her renter.  Callie has a chance to live the good life - living in the Elder's mansion and wearing the finest jewelry and clothes. She meets Blake, the gorgeous grandson of prominent Senator, and finds herself falling in love for the first time.  

Callie soon discovers that her body has not been rented from an Elder merely wanting to relive her youth. She is shocked to discover that Helena, the Elder renting her body, is planning on a revenge murder, an assassination she would commit using Callie's body.  Worse yet, Blake's grandfather is Helena's target.  Callie knew she had to stop Helena without alerting Prime Destinations and find a way reclaim her own body for good - before time ran out for Callie and her brother, Tyler.