Revealers page 17, 85-86


"I had known Elliot since we were in kindergarten, and I had seen a lot of stuff happen to him. I never really joined in, but I never tried to stop it either, not that I could have." (Page 17)

"…everyone knows about feeling alone…If a few people persecute somebody, most of us pretend it isn't happening, right? We don't want to see it." (Pages 85-86)

  • Why do you think Russell watched Elliot get bullied for years, but never did anything to help? What causes us to "not see" bullying or to "pretend it isn't happening"?
  • Are those who don't get involved partly responsible for bullying even though they are just bystanders?
  • What do you think prevents students at your school from standing up for others? What would it take to create an atmosphere of support?