Opening Discussion


Theme: Feeling like an outsider/the importance of "fitting in"


Russell states on page 3 of The Revealers:

"…when seventh grade started I found out I was out. It was like everyone else took a secret summer course in how to act, what to say, and what groups to be in, and I never found out about it." (Page 3)

"I wanted people to say, "Hey, Russell! Sit with us!" But I'd open my mouth and what would come out would be loud and clanky and wrong. And they would give me that quick, flat, puzzled stare that is the stock weapon of the cool seventh grader and seems to ask, "What species are you, exactly?" And I would go away thinking I was hopeless." (Page 3)

Russell describes feeling "out" and "hopeless."

Do you think he is the only seventh grader who feels this way? What feelings and experiences might Russell have in common with his peers?