Acceleration by Graham McNamee




 If you enjoy fast-paced mysteries, Acceleration will have you hooked from the first page.  Seventeen-year-old Duncan hates his job.  He has to sort through lost and found articles at the Toronto Transit.  He works in a dark, grim basement with no one to keep him company except, Jacob – a seventy-something, cranky, quiet old man.  Soon Duncan finds he has more excitement than he can stand.  One of the lost items is actually a diary.  A diary kept by a madman and wannabe serial killer.  In the diary, the man describes three women he has been stalking.  He has plans to hunt them all.  Frantic, Duncan looks for clues in the diary for the man’s identity.  He even takes the diary to the police – but they don’t take him seriously.  Duncan realizes it is up to him to save these women before it’s too late.  Maybe, just maybe, by saving three lives, he can make up for the life he has lost.  The one person he could not save.  The girl who haunts his dreams every night.Acceleration is impossible to put down.  The story has many twists and turns as you learn more about the stalker through his diary – as well as Duncan’s not so innocent past and the guilt that haunts his every waking moment.  The title of this novel has more than one meaning.  The most important is that Duncan’s life is at a standstill.  Solving this mystery before any crimes take place is the only way Duncan will be able to move forward – to accelerate.  Not only is this book exciting, the reader will appreciate the humor in Duncan’s voice and the relationship he has with his two best friends.  Check it out!  You will be glad you did.