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 A tale of two bullies

A tale of two bullies

 4 stars- love how they have more in  common than anyone would have had ever expected


Eigth graders Mick and Boot hate each other. They have been enemies from the moment they laid eyes on one another.  It’s the first week of school and Mick and Boot have already been in two fights.  When Boot makes fun of Mick’s alcoholic father, Mick has had enough.  He is three times the size of Boot and normally held back when punching him, but not this time!

When the new principal finds out, he comes up with an unusual punishment.  Every day the boys must come to his office to play games during lunch - board games, card games, etc.  Instead of this punishment of bringing them closer, Mick and Boot just come up with their own games.  The fights become more dangerous dares.  They even begin fighting for the affections of Tabitha – the hottest girl in middle school.  Will these two ever get along?  Or will they destroy one another in the end?