Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson was born in Burleson,Texas on April 24th,1982. She showed musical talent while still very young. Her parents divorced when she was six. Her father then moved to California. Later on her mother remarried. She graduated from Burleson High School in the year of 2000. Growing up she worked many different jobs such as an amusement park singer, waitress, and drug store clerk. In 2002, Kelly and one of her friends left their hometown and moved to California, where she started making contacts. Then all of the sudden her life began to fall apart. First her apartment burned down, and then her car got towed. She spent several days at a shelter before deciding to return to Texas and stay with her mom. Shortly afterwards, her best friend Jessica Huggins signed her up for a new competitive T.V. series. Kelly was one of the 11 finalists from Dallas, Texas. She worked hard to keep her voice fit for competing. Kelly soon made the top ten competitors. On September 3,2002 she was voted the the first ever "American Idol!" She signed a recording contract with RCA for $1 million. Kelly's first hit single arrived in stores September 17th of that year. Her first album was released October first, less then a month later. So that's the story of Kelly Clarkson's life.

By:  Brittany