Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo was a very talented young actor ar a very young age.  He has completed a lot of goals in his life that people have only dreamed about.  He was born on November 11, 1974 and started his career at the ripe age of thirteen years old appearing in a Matchbox Cars commercial.  I learned that DiCaprio was named after the famous Leonardo DaVinci.  He was in a lot of T.V. shows also before his movie career took off.  He was in "The New Lassie," "Santa Barbara," "The Parenthood," and "The Outsiders."  He then started working in movies.  Even though most of them were not big hits, some movies he starred in were "Critters III," "This Boy's Life," "What's eating Gilbert Grape," "The Quick and the Dead," and "The Basketball Diaries."  He got his first big hit when he starred as Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet." Then he went from there to hit the big times with  "Titanic," "The man in the Iron Mask," "The Beach," and "Catch Me if You Can."  Leonardo was a very interesting person to read about. I really enjoyed learning some new things about him.  He has accomplished so much, and his career has just now begun.                                     By:  Samantha Harley