The Lightning Thief

lighteningthief7.jpg      Great Read!

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is sure to appeal to a variety of readers, especially fans of Harry Potter.  In the novel, Percy is an unlikely hero.  He has been diagnosed with ADD and has never done well in school.  He has even been expelled several times.  Percy has to live with his gross stepfather - Smelly Gabe, and he doesn't have a clue as to who his real father shocked Percy is when he discovers his father is not a human at all - he's a powerful Greek God (betcha wanna know which God he is - but I will let you discover that for yourself!)  Not only does Percy have a God for a father, he has superhuman powers himself!  Now Percy has to attend a training camp for the children of the Gods, called Half-Blood Hill.  He finds out that it is up to him to complete a very dangerous quest to save the world.  Will he be able to save mankind?  Or will he be forced to sacrifice the person he loves the most?  Check out this hip, edgy, fun, humorous adventure.