Ashlee Simpson by:Grace Norwich

Everyone should know about Ashlee Simpson; she's such an interesting person. She comes from Texas, and she also comes from a very talented family. Ashlee has an older sister, the very musically talented, Jessica Simpson. Ashlee always knew her older sister would be famous, but would she ever get her moment in the spotlight? Yes, she did! At the age of three, Ashlee started training to be a classical ballet dancer. She was the youngest person accepted to the School of American Ballet, only at the age of eleven. Soon, Ashlee became a back-up dancer for her sister, Jessica on stage. Ashlee always was picked on because she was the youngest of the dancers, plus she was Jessica's little sister. But, she endured it all. And look at her today.

     I learned many new facts about Ashlee that I never knew before. Like she used to back-up dance for Jessica. I also never knew that she loved to act.

   I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about singers and actresses. You will absolutely love reading about Ashlee Simpson.

 by Victoria Earley