The Life and Works of Leonardo Da Vinci by:Linda Doeser

Leonardo da Vinci was a famous painter; his best known painting is "The Mona Lisa". Da Vinci had a great knowledge of the human anatomy which is portrayed in most of his paintings. He liked wavy lines and curves in his paintings. He grew up during the Renaissance and all the things that he learned during that time period are a lot of times portrayed in his paintings and drawings. Leomardo was not just a painter, he was an engineer scientist musician and a mathematician, so when asked what Leonardo was, don't just say that he was a painter for his knowledge goes far beyond that.  I would say to read the book and be familiar with some of his paintings and drawings. I,personally, do not care for most of his artwork because you don't see alot of variation when looking at the paintings' faces, but he is still a very talented artist. 

                  BY: Tiffany Thomas