Friday, March 9, 2007

Sixth-Grade glommers, norks, and me

sixth-grade.jpg 1/2 - It's , Like, OMG...I totally know how this main character feels!  This book is 2 funny!

Tam and Allie - BFF?  In Sixth-Grade glommers, norks, and me by Lisa Papademetriou, Allie thought that her middle school years would rock.  She soon finds out that she seems to be destined to be a total loser - a nork, even!  Her childhood friend Tam never wants to hang anymore.  Suddenly, Allie has no idea of who she really is - or where she belongs.

 Middle school students, especially girls, will appreciate the new slang, hip dialogue, details of first crushes, and the drama of friendship conflicts.

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