Bounce by Natasha Friend



5 Stars - This is a great story about changes, accepting new people into your life, and letting people love you - even when you may not love yourself

Evyn's life is suddenly turned upside down.  Her stepfather is marrying a woman he barely knows.  And to top it off, Ev has to now move states away from her BFF - to live in a strange town with a new dazzling stepmother and her five children that Ev and her brother, Mackey, have never met!

Sure Eleni tries to act nice, like she's happy that Evyn and her brother are now part of her goofy family.  Evyn doesn't need her, though.  She has her dead mother who still talks to her at night, supports her, and loves her...a mother she hasn't seen since she passed away, dying in a car accident, when Evyn was just one-year old.

Things only continue to get weirder.  Evyn's stepsisters are impossibly perfect, and her college-aged stepbrother Linus is so incredibly hot he makes her drool.  How sick is that?

 The popular girls at school suddnely all want to hang out with her because of her cool new brothers and sisters....until they become angry at Evyn for not hooking them up with her cute stepbrother....then suddenly Ev is an outcast and the It Girls become the Mean Girls. 

To make matters worse, Evyn's best friend back home, Jules, has suddenly become Miss Popular and never has time to even talk to Ev on the phone. Ev's mom keeps telling her to be happy, to not walk - but to bounce.  Evyn will bounce.  She's ready to bounce away from this life forced on her - a life she didn't choose or want.