Friday, August 6, 2010

Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Haddix

Cecilia knows that she is not just another peasant girl; she is actually the true princess, in hidinguntil the evil forces that killed her parents are vanquished.  A commoner named Desmia is on the throne as a decoy. As she gets older, Cecilia finds it harder to study statesmanship and palace protocol secretly at night and then pretend that she has nothing on her mind other than scrubbing the gruel stains out of her best apron by day. Cecilia knows that it is time to take charge. Along with her best friend, Harper, she flees to the capital city, determined to reclaim her throne and face the danger head on.   When Harper and Cecilia reach the famed Palace of Mirrors, they discover complications with getting Desmia off the throne. Desmia believes a completely different story about her being a princess...

Summary by Linda Estridge from

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